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EN 10255 is an important European standard that guarantees the safety, quality and reliability of non-alloy steel pipes (whether welded or threaded steel pipes))
1. EN 10255 standard ensures the quality of pipe production and can be applied to water pipes, fire pipes, air-conditioning pipes, etc.
2.  Outer diameter: 10.2-165.1mm
3. The standard strictly follows the M/131 directive and meets the EU product requirements.
4. Pandapipe has EU certification, which ensures product safety, high quality and durability!

EN10255 Specification

Pandapipe produces EN10255 pipes that are carefully crafted to meet the highest EU standards. Both medium and heavy duty pipes are included and are made from S195T steel, which is excellent for strength and durability. We also support customization! Pipe ends can be customized as flat/beveled/rolled groove etc. According to your requirements. Pipe coating can be red paint or hot dip galvanized, which makes the pipe perform better. You can contact us if you have any questions!

ProcedureERW, SMLS,
Dimensions10.2mm -165.1mm
1/8″ – 6″
DN6 – DN150
Thickness2mm – 5.4mm
light-MEDIUM-Heavy series
Unit Lengthstandard 6 or 6.4m
Random 4- 16mtr
Steel GradeS195 T
Surface CoatingVarnishing, Oiling, Hot Dip Galvanizing
FBE, 2PP, 3PP, 2PE, 3PE
End TypeSquare cut, Plain, Bevelled, Threaded, Socket, Grooved
Joint MethodFitting, Flange, Coupling, Clamp, Pipe Shoulder, Welding
Pipe MachiningWelding, Bending, Hole Drilling, Punching, Swaging, Tapering, Flaring, Expanding

EN10255 Standard Steel Grade

The EN10255 S195T steel grade is known for its elasticity and strength to meet the needs of a wide range of applications. From water transport to HVAC, S195T rated pipes remain corrosion resistant, durable and efficient.

EN10255 Dimension Chart

Below is a table of EN10255 steel pipe sizes available from Pandapipe, available in a wide range of sizes to meet your different project needs. From thread sizes 1/8 to 6, we make sure every size is accurate to the millimeter. 

Medium and heavy steel tubes comply with the thickness requirements specified in EN10255. Choosing our pipes is an absolute guarantee that the products will fit your project needs and bring you an efficient engineering experience.

Dimensions, Diameter Tolerance And Mass Per Unit Length
Specified Outside DiameteraD (mm) Thread SizeaR Outside Diameter H Heavy Series M Medium Series
max. (mm) min. (mm) Wall ThicknessT (mm) Mass Per Unit Length Of Bare Tube Wall ThicknessT (mm) Mass Per Unit Length Of Bare Tube
Plain End (kg/m) Socketed (kg/m) Plain End (kg/m) Threaded and Socketed (kg/m)
10.2 1/8 10.6 9.8 2.6 0.487 0.490 2.0 0.404 0.407
13.5 1/4 14.0 13.2 2.9 0.765 0.769 2.3 0.641 0.645
17.2 3/8 17.5 16.7 2.9 1.02 1.03 2.3 0.839 0.845
21.3 1/2 21.8 21.0 3.2 1.44 1.45 2.6 1.21 1.22
26.9 3/4 27.3 26.5 3.2 1.87 1.88 2.6 1.56 1.57
33.7 1 34.2 33.3 4.0 2.93 2.95 3.2 2.41 2.43
42.4 1 1/4 42.9 42.0 4.0 3.79 3.82 3.2 3.10 3.13
48.3 1 1/2 48.8 47.9 4.0 4.37 4.41 3.2 3.56 3.60
60.3 2 60.8 59.7 4.5 6.19 6.26 3.6 5.03 5.10
76.1 2 1/2 76.6 75.3 4.5 7.93 8.05 3.6 6.42 6.54
88.9 3 89.5 88.0 5.0 10.3 10.5 4.0 8.36 8.53
114.3 4 115.0 113.1 5.4 14.5 14.8 4.5 12.2 12.5
139.7 5 140.8 138.5 5.4 17.9 18.4 5.0 16.6 17.1
165.1 6 166.5 163.9 5.4 21.3 21.9 5.0 19.8 20.4
a For relationship between specified outside diameter (D), thread size (R) and nominal diameter (DN), see Annex A. T = specified wall thickness.
Solar Tracker Torque Tube

Chemical Requirements of EN10255

Pandapipe, whose chemical composition is tested in strict accordance with established standards, demonstrates an efficient and reliable solution strategy for our customers in a variety of fields, such as construction, machinery, vehicles or piping systems, which helps to ensure that these pipes demonstrate exceptional nature and quality. 

You can check the table below, where the chemical composition of the S195T brand includes carbon (≤0.20%), manganese (≤1.40%), phosphorus (≤0.035%) and sulfur (≤0.030%).

Chemical Composition (Cast Analysis) And Mechanical Properties
Steel Grade Chemical Composition % Mechanical Properties
Upper Yield StrengthReH min. (MPa) Tensile StrengthRm (MPa) Elongation A min. %
Steel Name Steel Number C max Mn max P max S max
S 195T 1.0026 0.20 1.40 0.035 0.030 195 320 to 520 20

Mechanical Requirements of EN10255

The mechanical properties of Pandapipe’s EN10255 pipes are designed to withstand the harshest conditions with excellent hardness and impact toughness, and are subject to strict quality control and testing to ensure high product stability.

Chemical Composition (Cast Analysis) And Mechanical Properties
Steel Grade Chemical Composition % Mechanical Properties
Upper Yield StrengthReH min. (MPa) Tensile StrengthRm (MPa) Elongation A min. %
Steel Name Steel Number C max Mn max P max S max
S 195T 1.0026 0.20 1.40 0.035 0.030 195 320 to 520 20
For welded tubes the tolerance on wall thickness is: ± 10 % .
for M and H series and Type L: – 8 % with the plus tolerance limited by the mass tolerance, for Types L1 and L2.
The mass tolerance on welded tubes is:
 ± 7,5 % on bundles of 10 tons or more, for M and H series and Type L ;
 +10% -8% on individual tubes for Types L1 and L2.
For seamless tubes the tolerance on wall thickness is ± 12,5 %.
The maximum tolerance does not apply if the actual weight of a bundle does not exceed the theoretical weight, calculated from the nominal mass per unit length (see Tables 2, B1, B2, or B3, as appropriate), by more than + 7,5 %.

EN10255 Test Project and Application

EN10255 Test Project

Leak tightness test: We fill the steel pipe with gas or liquid and conduct leak testing immediately to ensure product safety for the ongoing project.

Flattening test:After flattening the welded tube, the weld is alternately placed in the direction of 0° or 90° (12 or 3 o ‘clock), and until the distance between the plates measured under load reaches 75% of the original outer diameter of the tube, and the distance between the two plates measured under load reaches 60% of the original outer diameter, no visible cracks or defects can be directly observed except for the weld.

Bend test:Applicable to bare tubes with a specified outer diameter (D) of 17.2 mm, bent in a 90° direction according to EN ISO 8491.

Tensile test:Carried out on bare pipe of steel pipe according to EN10002-1.

Application of EN10255

Agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery: Food storage and transportation, meat and aquatic products frozen processing equipment.

Commerce: Materials storage and transportation, packaging tools.

Construction industry: The production of anti-corrosion industrial and civil building roof panels and roof grids.

Automotive industry: Production of anti-corrosion parts for automobiles.

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