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ERW Pipe

  1. Name: ERW steel pipe(Electric Resistance Welding)
  2. Manufacturing: Electric Resistance Welding
  3. Sizes: Outer DIA.: 21.3mm to 610mm; NPS: 1/2″ to 24″; DN: 15 to 600.
  4. Thickness: SCH 5S to SCH XXS (2mm to 17.48mm)
  5. Standard: API 5L, API 5CT, ASTM A53, AS1163, BS 1387, EN 10217, JIS G3444, JIS G3452, etc.
  6. Grades: Gr A, Gr B, Gr 1, Gr 2, Gr 3, X42, X70, J55, K55, C250, C350, STK500, S235GT, etc.
  7. Category: Line Pipe, Casing Pipe, Structure Pipe, Pilling Pipe, Sprinkler Pipe, etc.
  8. Scope: Oil & Gas Industry, Solar Energy, Fire Fighting, Construction, Pilling Work.


PANDAPIPE is a steel pipe standard manufacturer, we produce steel pipe strictly according to the standard, and get the standard certificate of ASTM/API/ EN 10219/AS-NZS/JN, etc. Our products support the tripartite inspection.

What Is ERW Pipe

  1. ERW pipes are generally more cost-effective than seamless pipes due to the manufacturing process.

  2. Welding manufacturing process brings a smoother surface finish which easily reduces friction and improves the flow of fluids.

  3. Precise dimensions and uniform wall thickness ensure consistency and accuracy, beneficial for compatibility with fittings.

  4. ERW pipes are suitable for various applications like high-pressure transmission of fluids or gases.

  5. A wide range of sizes and lengths makes the pipes suitable for different applications.

  6. The pipes an be easily welded and fabricated into various shapes or lengths, providing versatility in different projects.

Applications of Carbon Steel ERW Pipes

ERW pipes are broadly used by the industries for their excellent properties, durability, and cost-effectiveness. 

The top application areas of ERW pipes include:

  • Oil Country Tubulars Goods (OCTG)
  • Construction
  • Water and Gas Conveyance
  • Automobile Sector
  • Power Generation Projects.

Oil & Gas


Water Transmission

Piling Work

Solar Energy

Mechanical Engineering

Fire Fighting

Steel Fabrication

Manufacturing Process of ERW Pipes

In the Electric Resistance Welding process:

  • Firstly, a flat sheet of steel into a cylindrical shape.
  • Then, a current is passed between the steel cylinder’s two edges to heat the steel to the point.

There is no welding material required in the whole manufacturing process

hfw pipe manufacturing process

Why Choose Us as Carbon Steel ERW Pipe Supplier?

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Since our establishment in 1998, PandaPipe has devoted to manufacturing and supplying of ERW carbon steel pipe with a unique blend of wit, charm, and unmatched expertise. 

We pride ourselves on being more than just a company; we are an unstoppable force, passionately serving a diverse range of industries such as OCTG, Solar Energy, Fire Fighting, Construction.

We value your deadlines as much as you do. Our manufacturing processes flow seamlessly to ensure that your projects are completed on time. 

With PandaPipe as your trusted partner, no need to worry about delivery of your order any more. Efficiency is our first priority for each order.

erw steel pipes

PandaPipe is not just a beacon in the ERW pipe industry; we are a passionate team who are dedicated to weaving ERW carbon steel pipe solutions that resonate with brilliance. 

Our commitment to impeccable quality, personalized service, and unwavering punctuality is the backbone of our success. 

Let PandaPipe unleash the full potential of your business and embark on a remarkable journey together.

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Our Advantages

  1. Over 25 years of experience in pipeline production and installation.
  2. Comprehensive inspection equipment.
  3. Independent product serial numbers for traceability.
  4. Advanced production equipment – Seamer high-frequency welding machine from the United States.
  5. Complete qualifications – API 5L/API 5CT/FM/UL fire pipe certification, etc.
  6. Wide range of products – independently developed solar torque tubes, highly favored in the European market.
  7. Customers spread across the globe.
  8. Excellent after-sales service and sense of responsibility.