Pipe Schedule Chart 40/80- Astm Standards Pipe Size Pdf

The above is the standard of the pipes produced by Pandapipe in different situations, once again, Pandapipe has several production lines including ERW/SMLS/SSAW/LSAW and pipe coating lines and Pandapipe has several certificates and accreditations to produce pipes in strict compliance with the international standards, Pandapipe also has its own laboratory to analyse/experiment/test the composition of pipes to be more accurate and to prolong the efficiency of the use of the pipes. Pandapipe also has its own laboratory for analysing/experimenting/checking the composition of the pipes, which allows for a more accurate and efficient use of the pipes.
Below is a list of all the pipes produced by Pandapipe, and a comparison table of pipe standards, each pipe table is in pdf format, you can download it for your own reference.
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All Stabdards Specification Charts-Pipe Schedule Charts

ERW (Electric Resistance Welded) Welded Steel Pipe

ERW is made by resistance welding, where a steel plate is rolled into a tube and the joints are welded using high frequency electric welding technology. As a result there is a welded seam in the tube itself. This method is suitable for steel pipes with relatively small diameters.The advantages of ERW pipes are relatively low cost, high production efficiency and adaptability to many environments. Moreover, resistance welding technology is now so mature that the material at the weld seam is comparable to the steel plate itself.

SMLS (Seamless) Seamless Steel Pipe

SMLS or Seamless Steel Tubes are made directly from high temperature extruded and drawn billets, with no welding step in the tube itself. They can be transported under very specific high pressure conditions. The main disadvantages are the high cost, non-smooth wall surface and non-uniform wall thickness. Therefore, this process is only considered for special applications.

SSAW (Spiral Submerged Arc Welded) Steel Tubing

SSAW steel pipe is made by bending hot rolled steel strip into a tube in a spiral shape and welded using double-sided submerged arc welding technology. This process is mainly used for the production of large-diameter steel pipe or thick-walled steel pipe. The main disadvantage is that there will be more welds.

LSAW (Longitudinally Submerged Arc Welded) Steel Pipe

Longitudinally Submerged Arc Welded (LSAW) tubes are made by submerging one or both sides of a longitudinally orientated strip and are often used for the transport of oil/gas under high pressure. In contrast to other processes, LSAW has only one straight weld seam and the overall strength and quality of the pipe is very controlled.

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API 5L       
API 5CT          
API 5ST           
AS/NZS 1163           
AS/NZS 1074           
ASTM A53        
ASTM A106          
ASTM A135           
ASTM A178           
ASTM A179           
ASTM A192           
ASTM A209           
ASTM A210           
ASTM A213           
ASTM A214           
ASTM A252        
ASTM A333          
ASTM A500       
ASTM A589          
ASTM A672           
ASTM A691           
ASTM A795          
BS 1387          
BS 3059          
BS 3601          
BS 6323          
DIN 1626          
DIN 1629           
DIN 1630           
DIN 2458         
DIN 17175           
EN 39            
EN 10210          
EN 10216           
EN 10217         
EN 10219          
EN 10224           
EN 10225         
GOST 10704          
GOST 10705          
GOST 20295          
ISO 65          
ISO 3183        
JIS A 5525          
JIS G 3429           
JIS G 3444           
JIS G 3445          
JIS G 3452          
JIS G 3454          
JIS G 3455           
JIS G 3456          
JIS G 3461           
JIS G 3462JIS          
JIS G 3466       
FM Approved Fire Pipe         
UL Listed Fire Pipe         

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