How Thick Is Schedule 40 Pipe Vs 80 Steel Pipe

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How thick is schedule 40 pipe? In the field of pipeline engineering, it is very important to choose the right steel pipe. Among them, Schedule 40 pipe is a common pipe specification. For example, 6 Schedule 40 pipe, 2 schedule 40 pipe, 4 inch schedule 40 pipe.

Schedule 40 vs Schedule 80 steel pipes have different wall thickness and strength characteristics, and they are widely used in various engineering scenarios.

In this paper, the wall thickness and specifications of these two kinds of steel pipes are compared and analyzed in detail, and their considerations in engineering applications are discussed.

How Thick Is Schedule 40 Pipe

How Thick Is Schedule 40 Pipe-ASME B36.10M Thickness&Specification

Schedule 40 Piping specifications are classified and labeled according to American standard ASME B36.10M. How thick is Schedule 40 pipe? Its wall thickness value is not fixed, and is generally calculated according to the outside diameter and nominal pressure (PN) of the pipeline.

For example, a pipe with an outer diameter of 168.3mm has a Schedule 40 wall thickness of 7.11mm. Schedule 40 steel pipe with a 1/2 inch diameter has a minimum wall thickness of approximately 0.133 inches (approximately 3.38mm). On the other hand, the length and material of Schedule 40 pipeline will also have a great impact on wall thickness and mechanical properties.

How Thick Is Schedule 40 Pipe-Property

The performance of Schedule 40 Pipe also varies with the wall thickness.

  • Impact resistance: Under the impact of external force, Schedule 40 Pipe can maintain a sound structure to avoid leakage and rupture and other safety accidents.
  • Lightness: Schedule 40 steel pipe itself is light, which has great advantages in the transportation, installation and maintenance of steel pipe.
  • Corrosion resistance: Schedule 40 carbon steel pipes can have excellent corrosion resistance in harsh environments such as moisture, acid and alkali, improving cost effectiveness.
how thick is schedule 40 pipe

How Thick Is Schedule 40 Pipe Vs 80 Pipe

How Thick Is Schedule 40 Pipe Vs 80 Steel Pipe Chart

How thick is schedule 40 pipe vs schedule 80 steel pipe? The actual wall thickness of the steel pipe will vary according to the diameter of the steel pipe (or “pipe diameter”) and the standard used (such as ANSI B36.10, ANSI B36.19, etc.).

Below Is a table of how thick is schedule 40 pipe vs 80 steel pipe. It is obvious to see the difference in wall thickness of Schedule 40 Vs 80 Steel Pipe.

And we provide Pipe Schedule Chart 40/80- Astm Standards Pipe Size Pdf for you.

Nominal Size

Schedule 40 Wall thickness (inches)

Schedule 80 Wall thickness (inches)










1 1/4



1 1/2






2 1/2












How Thick Is Schedule 40 Pipe Vs Schedule 80 Pipe Major Difference

How thick is Schedule 40 pipe vs Schedule 40 pipe? The main differences between Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 steel pipes are reflected in the wall thickness, weight, performance, cost and so on. When selecting products, it is necessary to refer to the relevant standards and specifications, as well as the actual application scenarios, to ensure the reliability and adaptability of steel pipe products.


Schedule 40

Schedule 80

Wall thickness

Relatively thinner

Relatively thicker

Example of minimum wall thickness (mm)

Approx. 8.18

Approx. 12.7




Difficulty in handling

Easier to handle

May require more manpower or equipment

Performance characteristics

Basically the same, but thinner walls may have slightly weaker compression and impact resistance

Higher compression and impact resistance


Generally lower

Generally higher

Application scenarios

General engineering applications, such as construction, water treatment, etc.

Environments requiring higher safety, such as oil refineries, petrochemical plants, etc.

How Thick Is Schedule 40 Pipe Conclusion

In the future, with the continuous development of science and technology and the progress of the steel Pipe industry, steel pipe manufacturers will also carry out innovative upgrades to the manufacturing process of Schedule 40 Pipe. Through a variety of specifications of wall thickness, excellent mechanical properties and a wide range of application prospects, to promote the progress of modern engineering.

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